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New Pools

Conrete: (Handpack)

A Pre-Mixed concrete mixture by an approved concrete mixing company, with a minimum strength of 30Mpa is continuously packed forming the walls and the floor of a swimming pool, with a minimum thickness of 150mm.

    Advantages of a concrete pool

    • Concrete pools can be made in any shape or size, which means you can have exactly the right size and shape of pool for your outdoor landscape.
    • You don’t have to re-design your landscaping around your pool, you can design your pool to fit in with your existing landscaping.
    • You can select any finish materials to personalize your pool. Finishes such as tiling, fibreglass lining and marble plaster in an array of colours can be applied to coordinate with the rest of your landscaping.
    • Concrete pools can be designed for specific ground conditions such as turf, clay-soil or dolomite which will ensure a problem free pool for many years without failure. The concrete method of construction is amenable to custom designs. Built-in bar stools, irregular underwater benches, beach entries, tanning ledges, linked waterfalls, spa’s entry streams and vanishing edge pools can be incorporated with the concrete method of pool building making it an outdoor leisure feature which increases the value of your property.