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Marblite (Cemcrete PoolCrete) lining / relining

This is a basic Marblite application and process overview

  • We drain your swimming pool.
  • We then prepare the old surface using a acid wash. If there is a old fiberglass lining we strip it out and then do an acid wash.
  • We then chop/ chip to create a larger surface area and small "pockets" that ensure the marblite will bond to the walls and floor. We also inspect the pool for any concerns and then do minor pool repairs as needed before we continue.
  • We then make a marblite and rock-bond (Bonding liquid) slurry that we cover the walls and floor with it. It soon sets and creates the ideal surface onto which we can Marblite with confidence.
  • We then apply your new ceramic / glass mosaics under the copings and along the step edgings using white cement. If we are not replacing your mosaics, we cut in below them, and chip away below and around them as to create a thicker strong layer of flush marblite below and around your existing mosaics. However, we recommend replacing your old mosaics if they are worn and damaged, or have lost their grouting as they can be the source of a leaking pool.
  • We then Marblite using the correct techniques, tools, consistency and thickness. We also add strengthening additives to the mixture. We hand mix all the marblite in the pool and in one exercise complete the Marblite application leaving no joints, and creating a smooth, consistent application to the entire pool surface. We do not over-trowl the surface which "burns" the marblite leaving dark patches where the rougher aggregates have been overworked and forced to the surface. This is a common mistake made by inexperienced applicators and creates a unsightly rough finish.