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Fiberglass lining / relining

Basic Fiberglass application and process overview

  • We drain your swimming pool.
  • We then prepare the old surface using an acid wash. If there is a old fiberglass lining we strip it out and then do an acid wash.
  • We grind and sand away any unwanted residue, dirt, etc.
  • We then do minor pool repairs and also inspect the pool shell to ensure all is in good order before we continue.
  • We cut a clean, neat grove under your copings, around your weir, aimflows and lights. We cut these groves to tuck the fiberglass into to ensure it is anchored in and cannot leak and pull away from the edges. After which we seal it with a resin based bonding putty.
  • We then, in stages apply a clear primer Isopthalic resin layer, on to which we then apply another Isopthalic resin layer, into which we soak the 450g/m² fiberglass mat, which is then covered with another Isopthalic resin layer, sealing the 450g/m² fiberglass mat in.
  • We very lightly sand the 450g/m² fiberglass and Isopthalic resin layers looking for imperfections and sharp edges removing them and doing a final inspection of the basic fiberglass lining before we continue.
  • We then very neatly and accurately apply your tissue fiberglass mosaics underneath the copings and along the steps using a clear resin and a clear gel / top coat layer to seal it all in.
  • We then apply a thick top / gel coat layer to these layers of resin, fiberglass and surface tissue, which is the final resin based layer that contains the colour and many of the water, chemical and UV resistant properties.  (Sky-blue or white are the standard options, although other colours are available)